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Create Bulk user in Active Directory

The Most silly work for admin is create users in Active Directory  specially  repeat same steps 300 times or more and If you have 1000 users is big challenge.  ‘Now in windows Server 2008 and also 2012  you can with PowerShell do it in easy steps.

In this Article I use script done with Andy Grogan you can download script from his blog here.

First, this script support with PowerShell v. 1,2,3 you can user it with windows server 2008 , 2008 R2 , 2012 and can support windows 2003  PowerShell installed in it.

Second, after download script from here , update the CSV file by your Domain  users Names

Create a New Users

Keep 1st line as is, don’t modified it ,  first and second column include Given Name and Sure Name, third Sam Account it can as your company role  (firstname.lastname ) , firstname letter.last name) (LastName.FirstName) and so on , Fourth column Display Name. last one include default password which user will change first login.

After you finish update your CSV file , we need to update some line in script, Script by default  upload users in new OU called “ExchangeUsers” so we will change it as Organization Unit need to upload it. update yellow selection with your choice name for OU

Create a New User 1

and you can update the description section in yellow with your own description for your OU in red section

Update Description

Now your Script is ready to upload to AD , go to PowerShell and move to your script directory to run script by type


Run Script

May be some user face error because  the execution of scripts is disabled on this system,

Scripts is disabled on this system

to fix this type  follow this command



Run Script to upload users

When the script has completed – open Active Directory Users and Computers – you will see a new OU you are created

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