Friday , 22 October 2021
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Install Linux Kali Step by Step

Kali Linux boot menu

we will explain step by step how to install Linux Kali step by step, you can install it in your computer  alone or Dual boot with windows, other way install it in virtual machine (VMware) and you can find pre-installed VMware Kali image from offensive-security , you can use it live USB , at least you can install Kali in AMR (tablet or android phone) in next Article ... Read More »

Introduction To dSploit


what is dSploit? Dsploit is a Project  written specifically for the Android phones. The basic objective is to do Penetration Test and network analysis  using Android phone instead of the computer. Today has become one of the most famous programs  to search for weaknesses and vulnerability in the networks. Dspolite support this feature : WiFi Scanning & Common Router Key Cracking Deep Inspection ... Read More »

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