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New Training on Microsoft Virtual Academy


Recently, Microsoft Virtual Academy released training specifically for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment topics. Interested in deploying Office 365 ProPlus?  Check out the newest course, Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros. This training is brought to you by Microsoft Virtual Academy and is delivered by two of our top Office Deployment and Compatibility experts, Curtis Sawin and Dean Yamada. Below are the 7 modules that make ... Read More »

How to Fix USB Flash Drive with Diskpart

Diskpart Command

Many of us face this problem with USB drive it new and not work it give error need to format but when try format it, it gives you error. We will use diskpart command in Microsoft CMD to fix the USB First open CMD as administrator and type Diskpart Now we need to list Disks in computer type and hit enter ... Read More »

Reset domain Admin Password


Reset domain Admin password on a Windows Server 2008 or windows 7 with only the official DVD install   Many of us forget the Admin password for Domain or windows 7, the following is better way to reset it with official Microsoft DVD windows 7 or Windows 2008. Boot  onto  DVD of Windows 7 or Windows server 2008 Choose      ... Read More »

Install Android in your PC

install Android-86

Step by Step install android x86 in VMware first you need to Download Android-x86 ISO image from Create new VMware Machine, you can use Oracle VM VirtualBox , or create live USB. Start installation, follow my video until complete installing Android-x86, at end you can register  by your Google account and download software games from Play store. Read More »

Create Bulk user in Active Directory

Run Script to upload users

The Most silly work for admin is create users in Active Directory  specially  repeat same steps 300 times or more and If you have 1000 users is big challenge.  ‘Now in windows Server 2008 and also 2012  you can with PowerShell do it in easy steps. In this Article I use script done with Andy Grogan you can download script from ... Read More »

Install Linux Kali Step by Step

Kali Linux boot menu

we will explain step by step how to install Linux Kali step by step, you can install it in your computer  alone or Dual boot with windows, other way install it in virtual machine (VMware) and you can find pre-installed VMware Kali image from offensive-security , you can use it live USB , at least you can install Kali in AMR (tablet or android phone) in next Article ... Read More »

Introduction To dSploit


what is dSploit? Dsploit is a Project  written specifically for the Android phones. The basic objective is to do Penetration Test and network analysis  using Android phone instead of the computer. Today has become one of the most famous programs  to search for weaknesses and vulnerability in the networks. Dspolite support this feature : WiFi Scanning & Common Router Key Cracking Deep Inspection ... Read More »

حماية هاتفك الأندوريد عن بعد


فى سبنمبر الماضى اطلفت جوجل خاصية تتيح للمستخدم التحكم عن بعد فى قفل الجهاز عن بعد وتغير كلمة المرور وايضاً تشغبل الرنين ومحو البيانات كاملة من على الجهاز بالأضافة لأظهار الموقع الحالى للجهاز على جوجل للخرائط وهذا مفيد فى حالة فقد الجهاز او سرقته بالاخص خاصية محو البياناتز الثلاث خواص السابقين لا يفعلان اذا كان الجهاز مغلق او الانترانت داتا ... Read More »

EXIN free retake voucher


Take your IT career to the next level with an EXIN certification. And now, take advantage of this special offer. Simply complete the form below to receive your voucher. Use the voucher to retake any failed EXIN exam between now and Dec. 31, 2013. EXIN sets the standard worldwide by providing exams on a daily basis in more than 125 ... Read More »

ماهو لينكس كالي ؟


مما لا شك فيه انه فى السبع سنوات الاخيرة وبالتحديد من 2006 وقت ظهور النسخ الاولى من حزام الباك تراك (Backtrack) واصبح العاملون فى مجال الحمايه والاختراق يعتمدون بشكل اساسى على هذة التوزبعة من البرامج لما تحويه من تنوع فى الادوات. فى مارس 2013 Offensive Security اتخذوا خطوة الى الامام وتم طرح النسخة الجديدة من الباك تراك فى ثوب جديد ... Read More »

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