In the part1 we cover the system requirements and installation prerequisite, Part 2 we cover Prepare Active Directory and Domains and Unattended installation Mode, now we will cover the installation with setup wizard,

you can download the Exchange 2013 preview from here, start setup wizard,

Accept the terms and License agreement

Error Reporting Feature I choose No and Next

Checking Required Software click Next

Now will choose server Role Microsoft reduce No. of Server Role in Exchange 2013 ,no Hub Transport or UC, as Microsoft Recommendation to install Mail Box Role first.

Choose the Location path to install the Exchange Server and Click Next

A new feature Microsoft Added to Exchange 2013 Mailbox Role is Malware Scaning, If you would like to learn more about this here. we recomand to enable it.

Now we need to configure the external URL for CAS role. This by checking the box the Client Access server internet-facing, the setting the External URL for mail,   in this Lab I use my External mail address

Readiness check to make sure that the system meets the requirements for installing your selected role. Pressing Next here will start the setup.